Analytical essay on article (STX A)

Det følgende er et eksempel på, hvordan et analytical essay til 12 kan se ud, når du skal skrive en analyse af en artikel (article). Eksemplet er baseret på en opgaveformulering fra STX …



The opioid crisis in the US costs thousands of lives every year. The crisis tears families apart and has proven very difficult to solve because of one terrible truth: It is easy to become addicted and extremely hard to become clean. The journalist Beth Macy provides a personal exploration of this issue in her 2018 article “‘I Am Going to Die if I Keep Living the Way I Am.’ She Was Right”, which sheds light on the crisis through the tragic story of one of its victims, and also raises interesting questions about the ethics of journalism.


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In the article, Macy tells an unusually personal story of the young drug addict Tess, and the way society ultimately failed to help her before it was too late. However, in sharing Tess’s personal story, Macy also presents some general arguments about potential solutions to the opioid crisis.

Macy’s personal involvement in the case is evident, as she often presents details about how she stepped in to aid Tess in various situations: “I drove her to the Narcotics Anonymous meetings she was required to attend as a condition of t…

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