Analytical essay on blog post (HHX)

Det følgende er et eksempel på, hvordan et analytical essay til 12 om et blogindlæg kan se ud. Eksemplet er baseret på en opgaveformulering fra HHX …



Gun control is a hotly debated issue in the United States. The Second Amendment guarantees American citizens the right to bear arms, and many American politicians and interest groups strongly support this right and resist attempts to regulate guns. However, in the wake of a number of mass shootings, others have called for stricter regulation of guns. Nick Laure’s blog post “Let’s Be Honest, Gun Control Opponents” from 2016 takes a strong anti-gun stance, as he tries to deconstruct the favourite arguments of gun control opponents to show that they are more interested in protecting guns than protecting human lives.


Kun brugere med et Studienet VIP medlemskab kan læse denne tekst.

Right from the start Laure adopts a very informal tone: “Hello, gun rights advocates!” (l.1). This tone continues throughout the text. He frequently uses contractions and interjections, making the text feel closer to a conversation than an article: “Oh, and please don’t allow me to forget…” (l. 62). This style is a common feature of the blog post genre, though this text is an unusually extreme example.

Another feature that gives the text a conversat…

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