Origins and publication


Anne Frank begins writing in her diary on June 12, 1942, the day she turns thirteen, after her father gives her a notebook for her birthday. Her last entry dates from August 1, 1944, when Anne is only fifteen years old. Until the spring of 1944, Anne writes the 195 diary entries as a personal diary.

Anne calls her diary Kitty and intends to find a true friend in her. Anne confides all her worries, fears, hopes, and feelings to Kitty. In the beginning, Anne is sure that no one will ever be interested in a thirteen-year-old girl's “musings” (1%).

In early 1944, Anne hears on the radio the request of a Dutch minister to keep documents concerning everyday wartime life so that they can be published later. Therefore, she plans to publish her own records. From then on, she revis...

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