Dr. Albert Dussel

The new person in hiding

Doctor Albert Dussel is a pseudonym. Anne Frank changed his last name in her diary in view of publishing it. Albert's real name is Fritz Pfeffer. Dr. Dussel moves into the secret annex four months after the other two families, in November 1942, shortly after the other residents have decided to share their hiding place with another persecuted person.

The Frank and van Daan families had previously known Dr. Dussel and liked him enough to take him in: “He’s known to be quiet and refined, and he seemed, from our superficial acquaintance with him, to be nice.” (19%). Since the helper Miep Gies also knows him, she is able to arrange for his arrival at the secret annex. Before going into hiding, he “[lived] with a charming Christian lady who [was] quite a bit younger than [him]” (19%) named Charlotte and was a dentist with his own dental practice.

Anne agrees to share a small room with Dr. Dussel: “Of course he didn’t mind sharing a room with me; to be honest, I’m not exactly delighted at having a stranger use my things, but you have to make sacrifices for a good cause (…)”. (19%). 

Although she initially finds Dr. Dussel likable, their relationship deteriorates considerably after only a few weeks. Because of the cramped space and lack of privacy, conflicts arise between them almost daily. It doesn't take long for Anne to speak just as badly of him as she does of Mrs. ...

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