195 entries

Anne Frank's diary consists of a total of 195 entries written between June 12, 1942, and August 1, 1944. The diary is almost always chronologically structured, but after some entries there are supplements, that Anne added at a later date.

Usually, there are only a few days between the individual diary entries. Very rarely, Anne writes several entries in one day, and occasionally she allows several weeks to pass between them: “I've deserted you for an entire month (…).” (9%).

Most diary entries are one to two pages long. The shortest entries, however, can sometimes consist of only a single sentence, the longest of several pages. In the longest entry Anne reports on a break-in at the office. She writes it after the police has searched the building.

Starting with June 20, 1942, Anne structures all diary entries according to a similar pattern. She almost always begins with a direct address to Kitty and usually ends with the closing formula “Yours, Anne” or “Yours, Anne M. Frank”. Occasionally Anne follows the original diary entry with a shorter P.S....

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