Mr. van Daan

The good friend

Mr. van Daan is the resident in secret annex who Anne Frank mentions the least often in her diary. Nevertheless, her diary entries paint a picture of his character and behavior.

Overall, Mr. van Daan is a reliable and genuine friend to the Frank family. When the Frank family goes into hiding, he skillfully spreads the rumor in the neighborhood that they have fled to Belgium, making it easier for them to hide in the secret annex. Also. when suspicions of burglaries in the office building arise, Mr. van Daan is always one of the first to bravely investigate to make sure they are safe.

The political expert

Mr. van Daan is politically very knowledgeable and has great confidence. He is appreciated by everyone in the secret annex for his political insight: “In the opinion of us all, this revered gentleman has grea...

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