Before going into hiding

Diary entry 1

Time: Friday, June 12, 1942 (Anne`s 13th birthday)

Characters: Anne Frank


Anne Frank begins writing her diary. She hopes to be able to confide in it completely and to find a great help in it.

Diary entry 2

Time: September 28, 1942 (additional later comment from the secret annex)

Characters: Anne Frank


In an additional entry, Anne confesses that she has found great support in her diary. She really looks forward to the moments when she has time to write in the diary. She is very happy to have taken it with her to her later hiding place in the secret annex.

Diary entry 3

Place: Anne's home, Anne's school in Amsterdam

Time: Sunday, June 14, 1942 (narrative about June 12, 1942, Anne's 13th birthday)

Characters: Anne Frank, Otto Frank (Anne's father), Edith Frank-Holländer (Anne's mother), Anne's classmates (Sanne Ledermann, Ilse Wagner, Hanneli Goslar, Jacqueline van Maarsen)


Anne records the impressions of her 13th birthday in her diary. In the morning, she unwraps the gifts from her parents, her favorite being the diary. She spends the day at school. In the afternoon, she invites several classmates to her home, including her former best friends Sanne Ledermann and Hanneli Goslar and her current best friend Jacqueline van Maarsen.

Diary entry 4

Place: Anne's home (37, Merwedeplein, Amsterdam)

Time: Monday, June 15, 1942 (narrative about June 14, 1942, Anne's birthday party)

Characters: Anne Frank, numerous classmates of Anne's


Anne celebrated her birthday again over the weekend with relatives and friends.

Most of her diary entry focuses on a brief description of her classmates at the Jewish Lyceum. Anne shows a keen power of observation and ...

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