Final months in the annex

Diary entry 186

Place: secret annex

Time: Tuesday, June 13, 1944

Characters: Anne Frank, Mrs. van Daan, Albert Dussel, Peter van Daan


Anne got many presents on her 15th birthday from the people in the secret annex and their helpers. The English invasion still progresses with determination. Many Dutch people are happy about it, but some are afraid of being occupied by the English afterwards. Anne cannot understand how the Dutch can expect the English to fight for them without gaining anything in return. 

Anne thinks a lot about why she is so often criticized by the adults, although she does her best to improve and is her own strongest critic. Peter is not someone in whom she can confide in without limits after all. Something seems to be standing in the way of their relationship. Since spending her whole time in the secret annex, Anne has been painfully missing nature. She savors every moment she can spend at the open window in the attic. 

Anne is currently preoccupied with feminist issues. She cannot understand why women have been oppressed by men for so long. It is her wish that women are more appreciated and valued by society.

Diary entry 187

Place: secret annex

Time: Friday, June 16, 1944

Characters: Anne Frank, Mrs. and Mr. van Daan, Peter van Daan, Edith Frank-Holländer


Mrs. van Daan has been very worried about the fut...

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