Margot Frank

The gifted student

Anne Frank mentions her sister, Margot, quite a lot in her diary. Margot Frank was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1926. Following the Nazi Party’s takeover of Germany in 1933, her parents flee to the Netherlands with her and her sister Anne, who is three years younger. 

Margot attends the Jewish Lyceum in Amsterdam together with Anne and is one of the best students in the school. While Anne is rather average, Margot always gets top grades: “My sister Margot has also gotten her report card. Brilliant, as usual. If we had such a thing as “cum laude,” she would have passed with honors, she’s so smart.” (5%).

In July 1942, as Margot and her family are forced into hiding in a secret annex in Amsterdam, Margot diligently continues her schooling there, just as Anne does. The “genius” (5%) Margot is allowed to read almost all books, even those for adults. She has the longest study and reading list of all the annex residents. She likes to read books about religion and medicine th...

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