Chapter summary

In 1933, when she was just four years old, Anne Frank had to flee to the Netherlands to escape the Nazis, as the Jews in Germany were being brutally harassed, persecuted, and executed. She experiences a few happy years in Amsterdam before German troops invade the neutral Netherlands in 1940. 

In 1942, thirteen-year-old Anne is forced to hide in the back of the building of her father's former company with her sister Margot, who is three years older, her parents, and another Jewish family of three. There, after two years, and shortly before the end of World War II, the people in hiding are discovered by the police in August 1944 and transported to a concentration camp, where they all die except for Anne's father. Two years later, Otto Frank had Anne Frank's diary published.

Our detailed summary of each of the 195 entries provides a comprehensible overview of Anne's stay in the secret annex in Amsterdam where the eight people lived together, locked up, for two years. For a better understanding, precise details of the place and time of the plot, as well as a listing of the participating characters accompany each entry.

We have divided the entries into four parts, corresponding to the four stages of Anne’s time in the annex. Like this, you will have an easier way of following the text.

Furthermore, our summary provides a quick and effective insight into Anne's thoughts and feelings as well as into her everyday life in hiding. All in all, our chapters help you to look at the long diary from different angles.

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