Chapter summaries


Part 3

Chapter 20

Two weeks after she has testified in front of the grand jury, Starr is still waiting for the verdict. At school, Hailey confronts Starr for lying about knowing Khalil. Hailey says Starr should “get over” Khalil’s death because he was a drug dealer and gang member, and the police officer probably did society a favor. Starr punches Hailey and both girls’ brothers join in the fight. Starr and Seven are sent home. 

Back at the house, Starr’s father is talking to the gang members assembled there. He tells them that if the grand jury decision does not go their way, they have to protest without too much violence and without destroying black-owned businesses.…


Part 4

Chapter 21

Another two weeks later, they still do not have a grand jury decision. Starr is at a barbecue at Uncle Carlos’ house with her family, as well as Kenya, DeVante, Chris, and Maya. They are celebrating Seven’s birthday and graduation. Seven’s mother Iesha (King’s partner) turns up. Seven and Iesha argue and Iesha leaves, threatening Starr and her family with King’s vengeance. Starr tells Kenya she thinks Iesha is afraid to leave King. Afterwards, the party begins again.…

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