One-Fifteen is the police officer who kills Khalil during a traffic stop in The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. He is “white, midthirties to early forties, has a brown buzz cut and a thin scar over his top lip” (Chapter 2, 33%).

One-Fifteen is very hot-tempered and aggressive in his communication with Khalil, which plays a big part in escalating the situation. 

“What you pull me over for?”

“Your taillight’s broken.”

“So are you gon’ give me a ticket or what?” Khalil asks.

“You know what? Get out the car, smart guy.”

“Man, just give me my ticket-”

“Get out the car! Hands up, where I can see them.” (Chapter 2, 67%)

Despite his aggressive behavior, it does seem that One-Fifteen is shocked that he has shot and killed Khalil after ...

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