The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas explores a range of themes, which you can read about on the following pages.

You can read an excerpt from our coverage of the theme of speaking out here:


The novel also tries to show that more aggressive forms of protesting than speech-making can also be understandable - and sometimes justified - reactions to the injustice of police brutality against African Americans. 

We see this part of the theme explored when Starr and her friends react to the news about One-Fifteen’s acquittal and express their frustration that they have tried to pursue all legal options, but have still failed to get justice. As a white person, Chris at first reacts with disbelief and is sceptical about Starr and her friends’ desire to riot, but he eventually comes to understand their perspective (Chapter 23, 10%). 

This exchange between Chris and the Garden Heights characters is a clear comment on the real-life media debate surrounding Black Lives Matter protests. Here, some commenters strongly criticize protesters who resort to vandalism, while others express understanding given the level of injustice that they are protesting against. 

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