Lisa Carter

Starr’s mother Lisa Carter is an important character in The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. Like Maverick, she has worked hard to give her children a better life. She got pregnant with Starr when she was very young. However, she was determined to finish her education, even when Maverick was in prison. 

Now she is determined that Starr and her brothers should get a good education: “ ‘Girl, please. I went to class in labor with you,’ she says. ‘I pay too much money for you to go to Williamson so you can leave because of cramps.’ ” (Chapter 7, 77%). Despite her background, Lisa has worked hard to push her career; towards the end of the novel, she gets a new well-paid job that allows the family to move to a safer neighborhood (Chapter 18, 8%).

Although Lisa is often strict and protective of her c...

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