Chris is Starr’s boyfriend in The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. He is white and he comes from a wealthy family. At the beginning of the novel, Chris enjoys elements of black culture (such as television shows, music, and clothes) but he does not think too deeply about race or about the cultural divide between himself and Starr. 

When he realizes that Starr was the witness to Khalil’s murder, he is initially angry that she did not tell him (Chapter 17, 55%,). However, he then asks Starr to help him to understand what she experienced and how she feels: “ ‘I wanna be there for you. You gotta let me in.’ ” (Chapter 17, 64%). He listens to her and apologizes for overreacting to the fact that she was afraid to tell him about Khalil (Chapter 17, 82%). 

Later, he asks Starr, Seven, and DeVante whether he can ...

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