Khalil Harris

Outer characterization

Khalil Harris is an important character in Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give. His characterization is unusual because he only appears in person in the first two chapters of the novel, before he is killed by officer One-Fifteen. However, Khalil still plays an important role in the rest of the novel, as we see both Starr’s positive impression of him and the prejudiced way that some of the other characters view him. 

Khalil is a sixteen-year-old African-American boy. When Starr meets him at the party in chapter one, he reminds her that he is “ ‘five months, two weeks, and three days older’ ” than her (Chapter 1, 71%). Starr notices Khalil’s hazel eyes and his dimples, and she thinks he looks “fine” (Chapter 1, 50%). This impression is strengthened by the fact that everyone’s eyes turn to him as he walks through the room. Khalil is wearing “the brand-new Jordans, the crisp white tee, the diamonds in his ears” (Chapter 1, 50%). Starr takes these new clothes as a sign that Khalil has become involved with criminals and is probably dealing drugs.

Inner characterization

Khalil has a difficult life

Khalil and Starr have known each other since...

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