The Receiver of Memory / The Giver

Age: Elderly

Function in the community: advisor to the Committee of Elders; the only one who can remember the past.

Place of residence: Lives a lonely and isolated life alone in a room.

Family relationships: A former spouse who now lives with the Childless Adults; daughter Rosemary, who died.

Appearance: Pale eyes, wrinkles on face.

Character: Wise, intelligent, serious, melancholic, kind, considerate, sad, first resigned, then optimistic, dutiful.

Special Features: Can "see beyond", hear music, see colors, transfer his memories.

Relationship: Loved his daughter Rosemary very much, loves Jonas as his own son, wants greater recognition from the Committee of Elders, is willing to sacrifice himself for the community.


Age: Approx. 12 years, a "Twelve"

Function in the community: student, then training to become a Receiver of Memory

Place of residence: row house in the community

Family relationships: Harmonious nuclear family of father, mother and sister Lily

Nickname: Jonas-bonus

Appearance: Light eyes, short hair

Character: curious, inquisitive, intelligent, brave, compassionate, ho...

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