Narrative techniques

Simplicity and ease of understanding

Although the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry is mainly targeted at young people, the narrator does not use any decidedly youthful language or colloquialisms, but rather clear language with simple sentence structures that make the work easily accessible and easy to understand.

The narrator describes the events in a simple language without difficult words or expressions. When describing the transferred memories, there is often the use of enumerations that contain many adjectives, as here, for example, when Jonas learns about the war: 

Around him, everywhere, far across the expanse of what seemed to be a field, lay groaning men. A wild-eyed horse, its bridle torn and dangling, trotted frantically through the mounds of men, tossing its head, whinnying in panic. It stumbled, finally, then fell, and did not rise. (Chapter 15, 50%).

This ...

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