Established rules and exceptions

The community from Lois Lowry's young adult novel The Giver is heavily monitored and follows strict rules. The ruling Committee of Elders determines the rules of the community, which strictly regulate the daily life of the members and how they coexist. The rules were adopted many years ago and written down in the Book of Rules, which is found in every house.

The Elders are fundamentally opposed to changes in the rules (Chapter 13, 62%). They always debate for a long time before deciding to change a rule. For important rule changes, they ask the Receiver of Memory for advice. He therefore holds one of the most important positions in the community , but he complains that he is consulted only rarely.

People joke about the fact that the consultants arrive at the House of Old even before they have made a decision. Consequently, a rule is almost never changed. The reason for this is explained by the Giver: "Life here is so orderly, so predictable—so painless." (Chapter 13, 62%).

The Receiver of Memory follows different rules than the rest of the community. Therefore, Jonas also receives special training rules in a folder (Chapter 9, 57%) when he is chosen as the successor of the Receiver of Memory. It takes some time for him to come to terms with these new duties and rights, since several of them fundamentally contradict rules and general principles of the community.

The many rules and rituals

The private, professional, and public lives of the members of the community are governed  by many rules that determine their actions from morning to evening. These rules are very present in the narrative and recur again and again, either as direct addresses to citizens through loudspeakers, through self-regulatory behavior, or through indications from the other members. Many of these rules have become ritualized over time. They are accepted by the members and are diligently respected.

For example, the family's mo...

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