The linear plot of the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry is actually easy to follow, but the backgrounds of the characters' decisions in the strange and futuristic society are sometimes difficult to understand. In fact, the living conditions of the members of the community are very different from the ones we know. The people there do not know war, hunger, fear, pain, unemployment, worry, or love. The perfect course of their lives is pre-programmed from their birth to their death. 

However, people have to pay a high price for this security and seemingly idyllic life. They cannot make any decisions for themselves. Their profession, whether to have a partner or children, or what to strive for is determined by the Committee of Elders. Their work and private lives are regulated, monitored, and controlled. They live in a colorless world and know no seasons and no weather. They are not even familiar with sun or snow.

Our thorough chapter summary offers you a detailed overview of the 23 chapters of the story. You'll get information about the place and time of the action. Also, we list the characters involved in the plot. Finally, the page contains a short overview of the main points of each chapter. 

Our chapter summary gives you a helpful overview of the development of the events of the complex story. We also have a detailed summary, and a short summary which contribute to a better understanding of the work.

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