Although sexuality is not explicitly discussed in Lois Lowry’s novel The Giver, we know enough to determine the community’s relationship to it. Just as there is no love, there is no sexuality in the community. In Jonas' case, his first sexual arousal is experienced  in a dream: 

'I think I was in the bathing room at the House of the Old.' [...]  And I had taken off my tunic, but hadn’t put on the smock, so my chest was bare. I was perspiring, because it was so warm. And Fiona was there, the way she was yesterday.' [...] I wanted her to take off her clothes and get into the tub,' he explained quickly. 'I wanted to bathe her. I had the sponge in my hand. But she wouldn’t. She kept laughing and saying no.' (Chapter 5, 33%).

When his father asks him how he felt, Jonas replies, “ ...

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