The title of Lois Lowry’s novel, The Giver, engages the readers from the start . At the beginning of the novel, no one knows what the titular name is supposed to mean. Only when Jonas asks the old Receiver of Memory what to call him does the old man suggest to his apprentice that he could call him the Giver (Chapter 11, 100%).

The word "Giver" indicates the transfer of memories from the old to the new Receiver of Memory: " 'Simply stated,' he said, 'although it’s not really simple at all, my job is to transmit to you all the memories I have within me. Memories of the past.' " (Chapter 10, 67%).

The term "giver" can therefore also refer to Jonas himself, as the teenager later shares his memories with Gabriel, at first only to help him fall asleep. On their escape togeth...

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