Jonas' idyllic world

Lois Lowry's dystopian novel The Giver (1993) tells the story of Jonas, a 12-year-old student , who lives with his parents and his sister Lily in a terraced house. He lives happily in a well-organized, peaceful, and safe community where people are provided with everything they need to live. However, there is no longer any freedom of choice in this future society. Both people's private lives and their professional careers are regulated from birth to death, from morning to evening.

Spouses, children, and jobs are assigned by the Committee of Elders. Children are given to a family at the age of about one year. However, babies who do not develop well enough are released, as are offenders and the elderly when they reach a certain age. 

Every December, the December Ceremonies are held, where something changes for the children. For example, the "Eights" have to complete volunteer hours and "Nines" receive a new bike. This continues util the children turn 12, when they are sent to train for their new vocation.

Jonas' training as the Receiver of Memory

In the first part of the novel, Jonas' Ceremony of Twelve takes place. Jonas is interested in many things, which is why he has no idea what profession will be assigned to him. He is a bit anxious, bu...

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