Structure and content

The novel The Giver by Lois Lowry contains 23 chapters of varying length, which have no headings. The first words of each section are capitalized. The story begins in medias res, that is, in the middle of the events: "It was almost December, and Jonas was beginning to be frightened. No. Wrong word, Jonas thought" (Chapter 1, 0%).

The story can be divided into three parts, separated by a surprising turning point and an unexpected climax. After the exposition, which introduces Jonas as a model citizen of the small community in which he lives, his surprising selection as the new "Receiver of Memory" forms an important turning point. From now on, he is no longer like the other members and follows his own special training rules.

The second part of the narrative is devoted to the following year, during which Jonas is trained until one day he finds out the true meaning of the term "release". During this period, the perception of his surroundings and relatives slowly changes. He simultaneously establishes, on the one hand, a friendly relationship with his mentor, the old Receiver of Memory, and, on the other, a deep emotional bond with the child Gabriel, whom he considers his protégé.

The story reaches its climax when Jonas learns that the reason people in society lie is because they blindly follow society's rules. Jonas' fundamental trust in his parents and in the supposedly perfectly regulated world is thus deeply shaken. The last part of the novel describes Jonas and Gabriel's dangerous escape.

Introduction (Chapters 1-5)

Introduction of the main character Jonas and first insights into the community and its rules, rituals and ceremonies. We also get to know Jonas' family, his friend Asher, his female friend Fiona, as well as the baby Gabriel, who is staying with Jonas' family at night.

Turning point: December Ceremony and election as Receiver of Memory (Chapters 6-9)

The first surprising turning point is the Ceremony of Twelve, during which Jonas' friends receive their professions and Jonas is assigned his task as the Receiver of Memory. As Jonas feared, from this point on his life and his relationship to his surroundings change in a fundamental way and he feels isolated and estranged from them.

The special rules Jonas receives as the new Receiver of Memory and for his training give Jonas a new in...

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