The community

The well-organized community

The community from Louis Lowry’s novel The Giver can be discussed as a collective character. The small community is a place cut off from its surroundings, with row houses, factories, offices, various community centers, and playgrounds (Chapter 4, 25%). Near them are a few communities for which the Receiver of Memory is also responsible. 

The different groups live peacefully with each other and maintain trade exchanges. They are organized similarly, but follow different rules . For example, Lily is frustrated when she comes into contact with children from another community at school who exhibit a different behavior (Chapter 1, 45%).

The community has technological features that make life easy and also a large water supply: "He [Jonas] pressed the button on a nearby empty tub and watched as the warm water flowed in through the many small openings on the sides. The tub would be filled in a minute and the water flow would stop automatically" (Chapter 4, 63%). It also has excellent medical care.

People in the community are provided with food, which is delivered by cargo planes (Chapter 1, 9%) and distributed by food distributors (Chapter 1, 9%). It is forbidden to hoard and store food. 

No one in the community goes hungry: "Jonas remembered, suddenly and grimly, the time in his childhood when he had been chastised for misusing a word. The word had been “starving.” You have never been starving, he had been told. You will never be starving." (Chapter 22, 75%).

There are no locked doors in the community. All houses are equipped with standard fur...

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