Individuality and identity

Individuality and identity are important concepts in the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Individuality refers to the differences that exist between people, to the traits and characteristics that make them special and unique. In the World State, all members of the lower castes look the same. Their behavior does not differ from one another. Here are two examples to support this statement: John's attempt to free the Deltas of soma fails: he is attacked by them (Chapter 15). The spectators who come to John's lighthouse also react the same. They see him as a wild animal. They throw him food and want to see how he whips himself again. They sing in unison: " ‘We - want - the – whip’". (Chapter 18, 81%) 

At first glance, you could get the impression that at least the members of the higher Alpha and Beta c...

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