The young, lonely savage 

John is one of the main characters in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. He is the son of the Director of the London Hatchery and Conditioning Center and Linda, a Beta-Minus. His father and mother visited the native reservation together, but for some reason they lost each other while on the trip. John’s father returned to the new world, while Linda gave birth to John and raised him alone on the reservation. The parents have not seen each other since. John is tall, well built, and handsome. He has light skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes.

John wears Native clothing on the reservation, like all other natives. The other children make fun of him because of his torn clothes and call him “rags” (Chapter 8, 42%). They also tease him because they find his appearance strange. Native women also mock his mother because she sleeps with their husbands.

John is shunned by Native society. He had a very lonely childhood and youth in the reserve. He only had one friend, an old Native who took care of him. When John was fifteen, the old Native showed him how the Natives make bowls out of clay or how they make a bow for hunting. However, John was not allowed to participate in the typical Native rites and ceremonies, although he wo...

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