Fanny Crowne is a nineteen-year-old brunette (Chapter 3, 31%). She is a Beta-Minus and a very sweet girl. She has “a moon-like face” (Chapter 3, 34%), is nice, but not nearly as pneumatic as Lenina, in Henry Foster's opinion (Chapter 3, 72%). She has a wide pelvis and is recommended for a pregnancy substitute (Chapter 3, 31%).

Like Lenina, Fanny works in the Hatchery and Conditioning Center. They are friends and trust each other. Although Lenina is prettier than her and the men are at her feet, Fanny is not jealous. For example, Fanny shows no jealousy when John and Lenina are supposed to go to the cinema of sensations, although she would also like to go with John. (Chapter 11, 67%).

When their shift ends, the two women chat in the ladies' changing rooms. Lenina and Fanny...

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