Aldous Huxley: life and work


Aldous Huxley was born in England in 1894 to a wealthy and well-educated family. He attended elite schools where he discovered his passion for writing. He got close to depression when his mother died in 1908. The next hit came three years later when, the young man became almost completely blind due to an eye disease. Therefore, he had to drop out of school. But his condition improved and in 1913 he began studying English at Oxford. Only a year later, his brother took his own life out of lovesickness. As a result, Huxley lost another important person in his life. In 1916, he graduated with honors. While still a student, he made contact with the most important and influential writers of his time, such as Bertrand Russell and Virginia Wolff.

While still a student, Huxley met and fell in love with the Belgian Maria Nys. The co...

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