The title of the short film “Sundays” by José Andrés Cardona does not have a clear meaning from the beginning. In the film itself, the title is not revealed until the end of the first scene, three minutes into the movie.

The events happen over the course of a day, and viewers can assume that they take place on a Sunday since the men seem to be off work. We can also assume that Tommy and Jonny usually meet on Sundays since it is the plural version of Sunday. 

Also, the title becomes symbolic of the way in which Tommy and Jonny need Sundays to escape the social roles they are tied to. Sundays might be the only days when Tommy and Jonny are able to escape their social roles and their families' expectations and be themselves. This also hints at the social prejudices against homosexuality, as Tommy and Jonny have to hide their relationship.


The exposition begins with Tommy adjusting the rearview mirror and grasping the steering wheel of the car. Jonny watches him and gently asks him how he is feeling, reminding him that the last time he tried to teach Tommy how to drive was in high school (00:13-00:33). Jonny turns on the music to the song “A Little Respect”, performed b...

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