The various relationships between the characters shown in “Sundays” by José Andrés Cardona are very relevant to the film's message. The relationships are shaped by various societal norms and expectations, and these relationships often generate conflicts.

The relationship between Tommy and Jonny is at the center of the film.  We do not know if the two are already in a secret, established relationship, or if the film shows the first time they acknowledge their feelings for each other. Since Tommy has known Jonny since high school, he may have had feelings for Jonny for a long time. However, due to the pressures and demands put on them by society, he could not act openly on those feelings. There are also hints that Tommy looks up to Jonny. For example, in the car, he follows his directions and relaxes when Jonny tells him to relax.

When the relationship between Tommy and Jonny is discovered, Tommy's first instinct is to go to Jonny. Tommy might believe that now t...

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