Themes and message

Freedom and stereotypes

The themes of freedom, social roles, and prejudices dominate the short film “Sundays” by José Andrés Cardona. These themes are explored in connection with Tommy and Jonny, whose sexual identity becomes public after they are filmed kissing in Jonny’s car.

The title suggests that the two men usually meet on Sundays, when they are not bound by the social roles of their job and family life. Both Tommy and Jonny are firefighters, married, and have children, so they initially appear to conform to the stereotypical idea of the masculine family-man. The reality is that Tommy and Jonny are gay, and they have feelings for each other.

When they are together, the two men are free to express themselves as they want, by enjoying a pleasant activity together, sharing a meal, and kissing. Moreover, they are able to show their emotions and listen to romantic music, which does not conform with the stereotypical social role of a masculine firefighter. When...

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