Conflict is an important element in the short film "Sundays" by José Andrés Cardona. The conflicts are both external and internal. Tommy and Jonny struggle with their inner conflicts, since they are forced to hide who they really are. They also struggle with the conflict between them and society, who holds certain prejudices that affect them.

Tommy and Jonny are both married men who had to hide their true feelings for each other. When Tommy and Jonny's relationship is discovered, this creates an external conflict between them and their family and community.

The external conflict is illustrated by the reactions of Tommy and Jonny's families. The discovery of Tommy and Jonny's relationship causes pain for their families. This makes their wives react differently. Tommy's wife does not want to face him and throws him out of the house (04:09-05:00). Jonny's wife, on the other hand, appears to want to hold on to their marriage, but she is against Jonny having any contact with Tommy (05:42-06:04).

The conflict with society and society's prejudices is what caused Tommy and Jonny to keep their relationship a secret. The two of them tried to conform to stereotypical expectations of what it means to be a family man and a firefighter. To a prejudiced community, firefighters could be seen to represent a certain male stereotype, and it would be hard for such a community to accept Tommy and Jonny's relationship. Also, the fact that they seem to be in a relationship while they also have families of their o...

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