The short film “Sundays” by José Andrés Cardona follows the main characters, Tommy and Jonny. They are firefighters and have known each other since high school or longer. As the film progresses, viewers find out that the two men are gay and have feelings for each other. It is, however, unclear whether the film presents the first time they kiss or whether their secret relationship is ongoing.

The short film also presents other characters, and their reactions to the affair demonstrate the relationships between several of the characters. Tommy’s wife, for instance, is angry and rejects the possibility of talking to her husband by throwing his clothes out the window and leaving his suitcase by the door. Jonny’s wife is also angry when sending Tommy away but seems to refuse to accept that her husband is gay. Instead, she seems to want to hold on to her family. Her behavior towards Tommy could also hint that she blames him for her husband’s secret relationship.

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