Outer characterization

Tommy is the main character of the short film “Sundays” by José Andrés Cardona. Based on his appearance, he is probably in his 40s. He is a firefighter (04:25) who lives in New York. Tommy is married and has two daughters. He is well-built and has a goatee beard. He works as a firefighter, which may be described as a stereotypical 'man's job'.

Inner characterization

At the beginning, the short film is not explicit about Tommy being gay. However, there are certain hints that show the relationship between him and Jonny is more than a simple friendship. For instance, when Jonny teaches Tommy how to drive, the tender way the two men look at each other suggests that they love each other (02:30-02:50). Their intimate relationship is also supported by the use of extreme close-up, which is a very intim...

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