Outer characterization

Jonny is another important character of the short film “Sundays” by José Andrés Cardona. Just like Tommy, his appearance suggests that he is probably in his 40s. He is also a firefighter, lives in New York, is married, and has one daughter. Jonny is a robust man, and he is bald. 

Jonny has known Tommy probably since high school. It is not clear when their relationship started.

Inner characterization

In the first frames, only Jonny’s eyes are shown (00:13). The way Jonny looks at Tommy suggests that he may have feelings for him. Firstly, he jokes with Tommy to make him feel at ease, after which he advises him to get comfortable behind the wheel before driving. There is one moment in particular (01:01) in which Jonny looks lovingly at Tommy, which reinforces the idea ...

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