Physical setting

The physical setting of the short film “Sundays” by José Andrés Cardona takes place in the United States of America, particularly in New York

“Sundays” is contemporary to the time when it was filmed (2018). This is suggested by the kind of car Jonny drives and the use of smartphones and social media channels such as YouTube. The events take place over the course of a day, from morning – when Jonny teaches Tommy how to drive – to nighttime – when Tommy drives away in Jonny’s car, heartbroken.

The events take place in several locations. In the morning, the men are in the car, which is parked in a parking lot by the sea, as suggested by the seagulls and by the ships in the background (02:25). The parking lot is empty, except for the car, which suggests the two men feel more comfortable with each other when they are alone. The car is probably the most important element of the physical setting, as this is the place where Tommy and Jonny kiss, revealing their sexual relationship to the viewers.

In the end, the car is the only place where Tommy can find shelter, as he is no longer welcome at home or in Jonny’s li...

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