The short film “Sundays” by José Andrés Cardona begins by showing two men, Tommy and Jonny, in a car. Jonny teaches Tommy how to drive, gently reminding him that he should first feel comfortable. The last time Jonny tried to teach Tommy how to drive was in high school. Jonny also gives Tommy an extra set of keys to the car.

The film shows Tommy driving the car, while Jonny watches him. Later on, the two men stop the car to eat a meal from McDonald’s. As Jonny places his empty soda cup in the cup holder, the two men’s hands touch. Tommy and Jonny start kissing. Unknown to them, they are being filmed while they kiss, and the video is posted on YouTube.

In the evening, as Tommy approaches his home, he notices his clothes being thrown out the window. One of his two daughters is watching him from the window, while his wife is talking on the phone about the video of Tommy kissing Jonny. She is hysterical and says that she never expected her husband, who is a firefighter, to b...

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