Here is an overview of our analysis of José Andrés Cardona’s short film, “Sundays”.

The structure of the short film is linear, as the film follows the characters over the course of a day. The film has several foreshadowing elements, which reveal the relationship between the two main characters, and tension points. 

The film’s most important characters are Tommy and Jonny. The main conflict of the short film begins after Tommy and Jonny’s kiss becomes public. 

Conflicts are a central element to the story. We both see external conflicts such as the two gay men's conflict with the prejudices of society and inner conflicts such as Tommy's inner struggle.

The events take place in New York. The main location is Jonny’s car. The social setting focuses on the issues of prejudice and homophobia, and family and community relationships. The social setting also touches upon the personal consequences which unregulated use of video platforms such as YouTube may have for individuals.

The director uses a variety of cinematic techniques in the short film. Particularly close-ups and extreme close-ups are used, just as the use of music in the film explains the relationship between the two men. 

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