The short film “Game” by Jeannie Donohoe follows AJ, a high school student who applies for the boys’ basketball team, hiding that she is female. The film presents the tryouts for the team, showing all the young men doing different activities. One man, who is considered the best player, starts to tease AJ after the tryouts.

When AJ is picked up by her father, we learn that she is actually a young woman, and she was supposed to try out for the girls’ team. In another scene, AJ is shown training by herself on an outdoor basketball court at night. 

During the tryouts, AJ performs better than the young man who teased her, becoming his rival. After the tryouts are over, AJ goes to the boys’ locker room. Her rival bullies her and empties her backpack, discovering a sports bra. The men now suspect that AJ is a woman, and some of them try to undress her. The coach intervenes and learns that AJ’s name is actually Anastasia. He then sends the other team members away to speak to AJ alone. He tells her that he will speak to the girls’ team coach for her. However, AJ tells the coach that she wants to go all the way and asks him if he can name any WNBA players.

At the end, the coach picks AJ for the team and gives her a basketball. The ending shows AJ throwing the ball through the hoop. 


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