Cinematic techniques


The short film “Game” by Jeannie Donohoe contains a variety of diegetic sounds (that naturally belong in a scene). As most scenes take place on the basketball court, many diegetic sounds are related to movement on the court, such as the sound of footsteps, the sound of the ball going through the hoop, and the sound of clapping. These sounds help draw the audience into the story, as they give the film realism. 

Non-diegetic sounds (which do not belong naturally in a scene) also create a more immersive experience. Background music supports the atmosphere in different scenes. Pleasant music accompanies the opening scenes, suggesting a calm and focused atmosphere on the court. Then, the lack of background music highlights AJ’s nervousness as she waits outside the court (oo:39-00:50). 

Dynamic music can be heard in the background as the film shows the tryouts, suggesting the active and competitive atmosphere on the court, as well as the coach’s speech (02:13-03:12). 

When AJ is training by herself, slow, sad music (04:55-05:37) can be heard in the background, which suggests both a sense of ca...

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