The main character in the short film “Game” by Jeannie Donohoe is AJ. The film focuses on her ambition to be a successful basketball player, something she thinks she cannot achieve because of gender discrimination. AJ’s decision to hide her gender and try out for the boys’ team shows her dedication to her dream. However, AJ also appears to be experiencing an internal conflict, which suggests that she struggles to maintain the deception.

The film also focuses on AJ’s relationship with other characters. AJ’s relationship with her rival illustrates the rivalries that sometimes take place inside a sports team. The rival becomes even more hostile towards AJ when he discovers she is a woman. AJ’s relationship with her coach is also worth mentioning. The coach encourages AJ at first and recognizes her potential. The fact that he chooses to accept AJ on the team could suggest his belief that women should have the same chances as men.

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