Outer characterization

AJ Green is the main character in Jeannie Donohoe’s short film “Game”. She is a high school student who wants to play on the best basketball team of her new high school. AJ begins the try-outs without anyone knowing she is a woman, helped by the fact that she has recently transferred from another school and, therefore, nobody knows her. 

AJ is thin, athletic and wears her hair cut very short, all of which helps her pass off as male on the team. Her decision to go by her initials (AJ) instead of her actual name (Anastacia) is also an important part of her deception.

Inner characterization

The film generally focuses on AJ’s strong ambition to play basketball for the best basketball team. As playing for the girls’ team would not give her the same challenge and opportunities to play basketball at her highest potential, AJ decides to try out for the boys’ team. Although this is not explicitly stated, AJ probably hopes...

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