Here are the elements that will help with your analysis of the short film “Game” by Jeannie Donohoe. 

The film’s structure is circular and features techniques such as foreshadowing. The plot is driven by the main character’s ambition to play in the best basketball team, which motivates her to hide her gender and apply for a place in the men’s team.

The film’s main character is AJ, a young woman who pretends to be a man so she can try out for the men’s basketball team. The relationship between AJ and other characters reflects AJ’s ambitions and the difficulties she faces because of her gender.

The events take place in a high school in the US. The social setting explores topics such as the dynamics of the sporting world and gender discrimination. 

The film uses several cinematic techniques which help tell the story. The sound of the film includes background music which suggests a certain atmosphere, while the lack of sound in some scenes puts more focus on the interactions between the characters. In terms of framing, the short film mostly features medium shots but also employs close-ups to highlight the characters’ emotions. 

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Short film analysis

I denne vejledning kan du få hjælp til at analysere en kortfilm. Analyse af kortfilm indgår altid som mulighed i den skriftlige eksamen i Engelsk B på HF, så her er det er særligt vigtigt at have styr på denne genre. Du kan dog også møde kortfilm i andre sammenhænge, også på de øvrige ungdomsuddannelser. Mange af pointerne i vejledningen kan desuden også være relevante, hvis du skal analysere længere film.