Your exam task asks you to discuss to what extent your gender can be a hindrance to your hopes and dreams, using Jeannie Donohoe’s short film “Game” as inspiration. In your discussion, you should also use at least two phrases from the following ones: yet, on the other hand, in addition, since, secondly, as a result, if not, at last. These are linking phrases. They help introduce an argument (since), alternative arguments or explanations (yet, on the other hand, in addition, secondly, if not), or a conclusion (as a result, at last).

In the short film “Game” by Jeannie Donohoe, we notice that AJ’s gender stops her from being able to pursue her dreams. She wants to play for the best basketball team, but since it is the boys’ team, AJ has to hide her gender to be accepted into tryouts. This brings into discussion the separation of basketball – and many other sports – into gender-based leagues. Historically, it has been argued that biological differences between men and women would give men an unfair advantage in mixed teams. 

However, the film shows AJ ...

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