Relationship between characters

Relationship between AJ and her rival

The relationship between AJ and her rival is an important element in Jeannie Donohoe’s short film “Game”. Their relationship is tense from the start. The young man – who was considered the best player before AJ’s arrival – begins to bully AJ in the first day of tryouts, as soon as he notices her abilities, which also draw the coach’s attention. The rival is clearly jealous and fears that his status in the team will be undermined. Therefore, his behavior is probably meant to intimidate AJ and distract her from the tryouts. 

AJ, on the other hand, does not pay attention to his bullying, which seems to make the rival even more aggressive – for example, when he pushes her during their one-on-one game (06:43). So far, their relationship illustrates the dynamics and rival...

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