Our comprehensive interpretation of John Green's young adult novel The Fault in Our Stars (2012) addresses the major themes of the narrative and explains them thoroughly and easily.

Hazel's cancer causes her loneliness and make her feel like an outsider, but also causes small cancer perks from the side of the family. Still, Hazel's innermost wish would be to be treated like a regular person. We then describe the effects of cancer, the changes, limitations and suffering it causes as a constant companion.

The next section deals with Hazel and Augustus' desire for a meaningful and significant life despite their illness. Augustus dreams of becoming a hero, but realizes that it is better to be loved now than to be famous after death. The main thing is not to become one with cancer. Hazel and Gus' will to live is illustrated by Hazel's favorite book, their trip to Amsterdam together and Augustus' cigarettes.

In certain situations, Hazel's frustration and despair due to the cancer become so great that she can no longer hide this, for example, after Lida is healed, in the hospital, at the gas station, at Van Houten’s place, and at Augustus' death. But Augustus' and Hazel's love is the central focus of the narrative. Hazel and Augustus are both in love with each other, but Hazel is cautious and wants to protect Augustus from harm. After Augustus' confession and courtship, the two teenagers experience their first kiss and their first night together. Their happiness is short-lived due to the return of Augustus' cancer, but their love remains infinite. 

Hazel's fear and that of her parents, her grief, her love, and future are subsequently explained before Hazel's nostalgia is finally explained, which comes about as a side effect of the incurable cancer. Her wistful memories of her childhood make her think that she will soon miss the future just as Augustus did.

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