The effects of cancer

Changes and restrictions

The novel Fault in Our Stars by John Green presents some of the effects cancer can have on the people suffering from it. The unpredictable changes both physical and emotional that cancer can cause effect not only the sufferer, but also put a   great strain on their relatives or loved ones. 

The extent to which cancer can change someone’s personality is illustrated in the novel through the story of Augustus' ex-girlfriend Caroline. Augustus describes how Caroline could be moody. They used to gossip together about everything at that time. However, Augustus does not know whether her behavior was caused by her brain tumor (Chapter 11, 91%). 

In any case, Caroline's behavior worsens as the tumor in her brain grows. She becomes mean and cruel to Augustus, and their relationship suffers badly. However, Gus does not want to leave her because she is suffering from a deadly form of cancer. Therefore, he stays with her for a year until her death, although she ...

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