Structure and content

The novel "The Fault in Our Stars" consists of 313 pages and is divided into 25 chapters of varying length. The shortest chapter contains only three pages, while the longest consists of 35 pages. The individual chapters have no headings.

The narrative can be divided into three parts. Each of the three parts ends with a turning point. The first is happy, the other two are tragic and connected with sorrow and suffering:

  • Part 1: Augustus gives Hazel his wish and organizes a trip to Amsterdam.
  • Part 2: Augustus tells Hazel that his cancer has returned.
  • Part 3. Augustus dies.

First part (Chapters 1-9)

Getting to know the characters (Chapters 1-4)

The novel begins in medias res, jumping right into Hazel's life. From the second paragraph, we already know Hazel is suffering from terminal cancer. The action is set in motion immediately, setting the stage for Hazel to attend the support group. It also becomes clear from the beginning that Hazel treats her situation with a very ironic sarcastic detachment.

The first part of the story introduces the character Hazel and describes how she meets Augustus in the support group. The reader learns a lot about Hazel’s life, but also about her preferences, such as music, literature, sports, or the simple video games that Augustus likes to play. The development of their friendship or love relationship is then described. Hazel learns about the time of Augustus' leg amputation and his time with his seriously ill girlfriend, who dies of a brain tumor. The book An Imperi...

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