The Riot Club

This study guide will help you analyze the movie The Riot Club (2014) directed by Lone Scherfig. You can also find a summary of the events, as well as inspiration for interpreting the film and putting it into perspective

Excerpt from the study guide:


The film explores the theme of privilege through its male characters. Born into privilege, most of the Riot Club members use it as a way of excusing their behavior. While Miles does not care about status and privilege, Alistair embraces it because he is unable to see beyond it. He prides himself on being rich and upper class and feels that others envy him and wish to be like him. 

In contrast to Alistair, Lauren comes from an underprivileged background. She is modest and works hard to maintain her place at Oxford and to pay for her tuition. Miles, her boyfriend, initially claims that he is not “posh” and privileged, but the end of the film suggests otherwise. Although he has been part of a violent incident, he has been acquitted due to his privilege and background just like the other club members . 

At the end of the meeting with the dean, Miles’ father implies that he could make a “donation” to thank the dean and the board for their decision not to expel Miles. While the dean refuses, Miles’ lack of reaction to his father’s offer of bribery is probably the most shocking. This forces the audience to consider whether things would have stayed the same if ten young men from the working class had been involved in a similar incident. 

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The Riot Club

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